Time Warp?

Do you ever wonder – like me – how anyone has time to be CREATIVE with all the ‘responsibilities’on their plates?

I’m sitting here on this gorgeous summer day (recovering from an appendectomy) and thinking about all the things I would like to do, and like for my son to do, but wondering where I can fit it in? For RiDogg, how can he work on writing a song or make his first You Tube video when he has his Bible Bee study, guitar practice, callbacks rehearsal and the messiest room in the history of messy rooms? How can I create flyers for his upcoming show, work on my new website or even read the 3 books sitting on my nightstand when our budget isn’t finished, my lesson plans are incomplete and those tickets are not going to sort themselves out!

I admit that I often get stuck in Planning Paralysis mode when it comes to my creative outlets, and that is certainly a time sucker, but planning is important to me and I know that’s not my only obstacle. There has to be a solution…a life hack… a strategy! Time travel?  Hmmmm.

2016-06-21 15.40.17

Prioritizing.  Yep, that seems to be the answer.  Not very magical, but rather practical, don’t you think?  My father-in-law once told me, “You can have anything you want…but you can’t have everything.”  That really stuck with me.  And that’s what prioritizing is really about.  If I have 20 things on my ‘list’ that I want to accomplish in a day, and realistically I can only accomplish 8, it’s time to prioritize.

I know that is easier said than done.  What if it all seems important?!  How can you possibly pick favorites?! There are several strategies that can be put into place to help.  Looping is an excellent strategy, as well as blocking.  I’ve learned a lot about how to utilize these excellent ideas in our homeschooling from Pam Barnhill’s post http://edsnapshots.com/loop-scheduling/, and I’m finding they are extremely helpful in many other aspects of my life.

Examples: You can loop your housekeeping chores, so if you miss a day it doesn’t mean the toilets don’t get cleaned until next Monday, it just means you hop back on that loop schedule tomorrow.  I can block RiDogg’s ‘creative goals’ and allow him to spend a month working on songwriting, and then the next month making his first music video for You Tube…but we won’t start until after the 8 weeks he is committed to his Bible Bee study.

So I’m planning to list out my dreams, goals, responsibilities, desires, requirements, etc. in my favorite list making app, Trello, and then I can drag and drop, move and scootch, loop and block by priority (and sometimes by preset schedules/terms that are out of my control).  They won’t all fit into a week, but if I look at the long term, I know we can have a very fulfilling and accomplished year!

We can have anything we want, but we can’t have everything.  At least not all at once.

Keep Livin’ Simply!


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