WE DID IT!!! #whole30alumni


That’s right!  I did it.  WE did it.  I am so stinkin’ proud of myself and my Hubs!


Non-Scale Victories #NSV = fewer blemishes, leaner appearance, clothes fitting better, wedding ring fitting better, less bloating, less joint swelling, less painful joints, less stomach pain, less gas, few migraines, less acid reflux, less heartburn, less chronic pain, less chronic fatigue, less shoulder/back/knee pain, I’m happier, I’m more optimistic, I handle stress better, fewer mood swings, improved mental health, fewer sugar cravings, fewer carb cravings, improved self-confidence, feeling in control of my food, healthier relationship with food, no more binging, practicing mindful eating, eat to satiety, listen to my body, abandoned yo-yo dieting, learned how to cook, no longer use food for comfort/reward/punishment/love, no longer a slave to sugar/carbs, can identify cravings vs. hunger, few cravings, healthy strategies to deal with cravings, more nutrition in my diet, food no longer has unwanted ‘side effects’, no more food guilt or shame, improved memory, I feel generally  more productive, sleeping more, sleep more soundly, awaken feeling refreshed, energy levels are higher, energy levels are more even, more energy in the morning, no more mid-day slump, more energy to play with my kids, no longer need to eat every 2 hours, feel energetic between meals, need less sugar and caffeine, new healthy habits to teach my kids, shop locally and seasonally, new cooking skills, new recipes, made new like-minded friends who support my lifestyle, healthy eating habits have brought my family closer, people come to ME for health, food, or lifestyle advice and I AM Whole30!!!


Okay, Okay, I KNOW you want to know what the scale said, so here goes!  I lost over 14 lbs. and 6 inches.  To say I’m ecstatic about those results would be an understatement.  I still have a LONG way to go, but that certainly helped shave off those added holiday pounds in a very short time, kick-off a year of being a loser and prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!


So what’s next?  We keep going!  Why fix something that ain’t broke, right?  This is working, we feel great, and so why change?  We will be doing the ‘slow roll’ reintroduction process, which basically means we’ll ease up on those added sugars (mostly at restaurants), and try to only add one food category at a time when we absolutely must have it!  Otherwise, the Whole30 basics continue for us.

Hopefully I’ll have another fabulous weight loss update in 30 days, but until then, I will bask in the glory of FINALLY committing to and finishing something as epic as the Whole30!  Keep Livin’ Simply!



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