Delayed Reaction?

Alright peeps. here’s a sprinkle of truth.  While I still believe that Whole30 has been a fabulous experience, I have had some ‘not so fun’ things going on recently that I should share.

My allergies have been killing me for 2 weeks, which has been a bummer because I was just getting into that really nice Tiger Blood, and then they have affected my energy and sleep a bit.  But I believe I said before, they haven’t gotten me down nearly as bad as when I’m not on Whole30, so that’s a plus.


Yesterday and today I’ve had some pretty intense ‘kill all things’ mood issues as well as some pretty intense tummy issues.  The overall hypothesis seems to be that I am having a very delayed detox reaction.  I’ve definitely read accounts from other people that their ‘kill me now’ moments have occurred after 3 weeks, not 3 days.   So, maybe I didn’t get off easy like I was hoping, but hopefully it will not be long lived.


I have also been experiencing a bit of the ‘I’m over it’ feelings.  And it’s not about the food I’m eating, it’s about the requirement for perfection at all times.  We did go back and check the ‘rules’ and were reminded that there are RULES and there are RECOMMENDATIONS.  So far we’ve done our very, very best to follow both 100%, but we know we have to give ourselves a little slack on the recommendations when eating out, because we just don’t know if the waiter knows what he is talking about!  For example, we ordered steak, steamed veggies and a plain baked potato…we asked what the veggies are seasoned with and we were told seasoning, no butter or oil.  Well, it only took one taste to know THAT wasn’t true.  We did our best, we can’t sweat the small things, and we move on.  It was a delicious steak though!

2016-01-27 17.44.58

Our plan is to definitely just keep going with the Whole30 rules, just not holding ourselves to the perfectionist standards when we eat out or have special occasions.  However, we’ve already discussed how we have to be honest with ourselves about what qualifies as a ‘special occasion’ and we have to eat out A LOT less than we used to!

Nevertheless, it is Day 26 and I will push through this yuckiness, both physically and mentally, and have no doubt I will make it to Day 31!!!  In the meantime, Keep Livin’ Simply!