#Whole30 Homestretch!

WOW! Less than ONE week left!  When we started this journey, per my Hub’s request, I created this countdown from one he had seen on Instagram:

2016-01-04 07.01.04

Every morning we would move one day’s note from my mirror over to his, to track our progress.  This was definitely something we looked forward to!

2016-01-18 07.34.58

You can’t step on the scale, so this became a great morning ritual to keep us motivated, remind us of how far we’ve come, and to stay off the scale! (of course, I hid our scale towards the end of week 1 because it was just TOO tempting for someone else I share a bathroom with! lol)

2016-01-25 22.11.48

And THIS is what we woke up to Monday morning!  WOW, what a difference from January 4th.  Let me tell you, it certainly makes us keep from throwing in the towel, especially when you start thinking, “Oh, I’ve gone 23 days, what’s 7 more really gonna do?”  It’s going to mean I’ve DONE IT!  I’m completed something! I’ve avoided giving up for one of the first times in my life!  It will mean VICTORY!!!!


Y’all, when I started this the first week of January, along with a new bible study, homeschooling, 2 plays plus an audition for another for my son, 2 birthdays…I thought, what was I thinking? Why am I putting all this pressure and stress on myself to make these foods and to spend all this time standing and prepping and chopping and planning and cooking and I’m never going to have enough time for this!  Well, recently I realized…I have SO much more energy…I am up getting stuff done, I don’t want to sit on the couch on my laptop all day, I just feel like I’m procrastinating less; I feel like, Yes, it adds plenty to my already long to-do list, but it also adds the energy I need to get it done.  So I again stress to anyone reading this and contemplating doing the Whole30 ‘self experiment’ – there is NEVER the perfect time and, just as they say in their book, it’s not HARD!

2016-01-20 08.11.52

What in the world is THAT, you may be thinking?  That is a failed attempt at my favorite blueberry & kale omelette.  But you know what?  Scramble it all together, add some compliant apple-chicken sausage, and although it might look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, it tasted just as fabulous!  #noexcuses

2016-01-25 18.33.59

Zoodles!!!  Grass Fed Beef!!!  Just so delicious looking!  Add some compliant pasta sauce and…

2016-01-25 18.54.25

VOILA!!!  Even more beautiful AND delicious!  Whole food is so pretty, not to mention yummy!

Most of our meals have been repeats of what we had our first couple of weeks, especially breakfast. Lunches are leftovers, turkey burgers, Applegate hot dogs with mustard and veggies.  I discovered I LOVE okra, plain, NOT fried, so that’s been a favorite veggie recently.  Making my grocery list for this final week was fun, asking each family member to pick their choice for an ‘encore dinner’!  We will be having the Beef Stew from week 1, the Salmon Cakes from week 2, and Zuppa Toscana from week, among some others.

Well, my stomach is growling (BTW – I am TONS less hungry nowadays, my body has gotten used to three meals a day) which means it’s time for lunch!  Shall I have leftover salmon with squash and carrots or maybe a couple of hot dogs with a size of okra?  So many delectable choices!  Keep Livin’ Simply!



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