2 Weeks Down #Whole30

Let’s catch up!  I’ve been busy cooking and cleaning dishes! *wink*


Whole 30 Day 5, Friday6:45pm – Another pretty awesome day.  Slept in, but once I got up, ate breakfast, and only ONE cup of coffee (been having 2, always have 2), I felt pretty good.  I have very restless sleep, which I always do, but it’s worse since starting Whole30, although I still feel more energized during the day. Weird.  I also wanted to add that I took a 30 minute walk during RiDogg’s voice lesson on Monday and played a little Star Wars Kinect on Tuesday, but my back was really hurting.  8:45pm – Another great day, really can’t complain.  Same challenges I mentioned before.


Breakfast: eggs, spinach, bacon, mandarin orange, coffee

Lunch: 2 hot dogs (Applegate Organic), carrots, apples, almond butter

Dinner: sweet potato, Mexicali Melt, guacamole

Homeschooling Day 5– Overall I think we had an amazing first week!  We had a BUSY week in our family, KK was super needy of Mama’s time, but we just tried different things and made it work.  We decided that next week we want to try ‘block scheduling’ and doing 2-3 subjects in one day, knocking out 2-3 days of lessons, and maybe freeing up a day.  We’ll see how that looks.  Imperfect Progress, I’ll be saying that A LOT this year!


Just a sneak peak into how our ‘classroom’ looked Friday afternoon.  #lifehappens

Whole 30 Day 6, SaturdayAgain, made it through another ‘upcoming event’ on the Whole30 and feel very proud of myself.  Sparked some great conversation with some ladies from church, one who is a pescatarian, because of how dairy and meat made her feel and another who is doing the Daniel cleanse, so love that support from other people!  


Checking off the events I ‘survive’ on the #Whole30!!!  One challenge at a time.

Another very restless night of sleep, serious back pain, along with some fierce ‘hunger’ pains, and got some urticaria (hives I get once or twice a year for unknown reasons, could be allergies, could be an immune response, we’re just not sure) which was itching like crazy.  And I have to pee ALL NIGHT LONG!  But when I got up I wasn’t very hungry, oddly.  Little ‘kill all the things’ moment with my son after breakfast, but short lived and I apologized immediately!  I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I feel great, my will power is 110% more than I ever expected it could be, and I look forward to seeing what another week brings!  Challenges are STILL the same and so Hubs and I will be working on an easier meal plan this evening with a little less ‘adventure’ and hopefully a lot less dishes!  

Breakfast: eggs, ‘chorizo’ (ground turkey with cumin & chili powder), sweet potato hash;  Snack at baby shower – veggies & fruit;

Lunch: – 2 hot dogs, celery with almond butter

Dinner: Cabbage Rolls



Whole 30 Day 7, Sunday – Felt great, went grocery shopping & made some strategies on how to make it less expensive and easier next week, did not get any prep done because dinner (homemade mayo, tartar sauce & coleslaw dressing) took a lot of time.

Breakfast: spinach, mushrooms & eggs, mandarin orange;

Lunch: leftover cabbage roll with broccoli;

Dinner: salmon cakes with tartar sauce and coleslaw

Whole 30 Day 8, Monday -Feeling about the same, same challenges, good energy throughout the day.  Even at night I’m not terribly tired, but can take me a little while to fall asleep.  Although last night I wasn’t very hungry at all, first time gone to bed without being starving.  Couple of moments at grocery store down the candy aisle that got my mouth watering a little bit, but I did not grab a snack or buy anything. Have yet to snack except day 1 when I had a banana because I was going to have to eat dinner so late.  Trying to get my body to ‘eat’ its own fat.  Digestion feeling good.  My lower back is killing me, not really sure why.  Could be standing in the kitchen so much cooking and cleaning?  Or maybe all the extra weight in my midsection.  Had some urticaria for a little while, but my skin on face seems to be clearer.  Pretty much convinced that I constantly live in a  state of sugar crashes all day long. I feel like my mood has been more stable than when I’m eating sugar all day.

Breakfast: (7:45am) – leftover Mexicali Melt with spinach, mushrooms, eggs, 2 mandarins, 1 cup of coffee for first time
(Forgot to log the rest of my food, but I think it was a lot of repeats)

Whole30 Day 9, Tuesday – yesterday was another great day. I mean, I just haven’t felt the extreme hangovers or tiredness and I don’t understand why! I’m afraid it’s gonna hit me hard when I least expect it!  I started reading ‘Made to Crave’ by Lysa TerKeurst and she mentioned week 4 being her hardest and ‘sickest’, so I’m preparing myself! Although I feel great headache, energy and mood wise, I have had severe back pain, which does seem a bit better today, and I have noticed absolutely no change in my body exterior.  All my clothes seem to fit the exact same as they did on day 0.  

Monday meals:
Breakfast: eggs, ‘chorizo’, spinach, mushrooms, 2 oranges;

Lunch: salmon cake, tartar sauce, coleslaw; Snack – Larabar, cashew cookie (unavoidable);

Dinner:  turkey burger with spinach, tomato, organic dill relish, mustard, baby carrots and guacamole.

2016-01-11 18.56.00

Tuesday meals:
Breakfast: eggs, sweet potato cubes, chicken apple sausage; 

Lunch: salmon cake, tartar sauce, celery & almond butter


Whole 30 Day 11, ThursdayStill doing well.  Yesterday had a few moments of…kind of wanting that sweet taste after dinner, kind of feeling like I’m over vegetables, so I pulled out some green beans, hadn’t had those yet.  This morning tasted better, still don’t know what’s up with the coffee maker.  Had a DELICIOUS blueberry kale omelet for breakfast! So good!  Different enough from the eggs we’ve been eating, so it felt DIFFERENT!  I was hungry after so I need to add some meat to the meal next time.  Lunch was terrible, had to have a Larabar because I had to go to work and didn’t’ have time, when I got back at 2pm I grabbed leftover sweet potatoes and sausage.  Dinner is Zuppa Toscana in the crock pot.  I really would like to exercise since my energy is so high.  Things in life are starting to feel like they settling down.  I do feel like this kind of eating is going to result in weight loss, but if I could add exercise it would set me up in the habit after Whole30 with food and exercise.  Sleep better.  I wake up after 7-8 hours, feel good all day long, no crashes.  Stomach still off and on.  Hunger off and on.  Really trying to hold off to get my body eating my fat, trying to avoid snacking.  But I am still nursing.  Have difficult time filling myself with the calories needed to sustain myself for 5 hours between meals.  Cooking and dishes are getting better.  Think we finally have some things stocked up from first two weeks so hoping to spend less money on groceries for third week.

2016-01-14 08.56.03

Whole30 Day 14, SundayI cannot believe we have made it two whole weeks!  I have certainly surprised myself.  I mean, I didn’t go into this PLANNING to fail, but I can’t say I didn’t think it was a very possible outcome.  So to have come this far, I have no doubt I will make it all the way!  Especially since I’ve made it through a baby shower, dinner at pizza place, life group dinner, daughter’s first birthday, dining out at Applebee’s and a couple of crazy evenings where we had nothing thawed out, were starving and short on time!  I’m still feeling great!  Same 2 challenges as before, but adding that I miss being able to have gum and peppermints!!!  Also starting to have some cravings, mainly for sweets (coconut oil for tonight’s dinner totally smelled like an Almond Joy) and alcohol (had to run into Corner Store for diced tomatoes and totally wanted to walk to the beer cooler! lol).  But other than those little things, enjoying my food, feeling fuller a little bit more between meals, so not as hungry all day long, and no major detox/withdrawal type side effects.


Applebee’s Sat – Fiesta Lime Chicken with no Mexi-Ranch or cheese,
sub plain baked potato for rice.

Dinner Sun – Italian Almond Crusted Salmon with roasted okra and tomatoes drizzled with EVOO , salt & pepper

Homeschooling 2nd Week – We tried a block schedule, where RiDogg focused on History/Science/Electives 2 days of the week and Math/ELAR 2 days of the week.  It worked wonderfully!  He did Bible everyday, so Friday that’s all he had to get done then FREE time!  He is LOVING it and even has a handle on the issue he had with the Math website during the first week.  Very positive!

#Whole30 continues to be a FANTASTIC experience and experiment!  Almost halfway there!  Keep Livin’ Simply!


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